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Our team fuels entrepreneurs to build successful start-ups

Our Approach

As an internationally positioned venture studio, we research tech innovations for sustainable mobility worldwide, participate as co-founders with selected idea providers or as an early-stage investor and scale these start-ups together into profitable companies.

Our core services for our investment companies:

  • Developing the business model in detail

  • Designing presentations and prototypes

  • Organising financing rounds

  • Providing legal support

  • Creating market communication

  • Recruiting team members

  • Supporting with mentoring and strategy consulting

  • Helping to drive traction and growth

Operative Team

Next-Mobility-Labs-1939 (1)_edited_edite
  • LinkedIn

Armin Bieser

Managing Director

30+ years in digital and media

business. Invested in and cofounded ventures in Mainz, Frankfurt, Berlin, Shanghai & Boston.

  • LinkedIn

Göran Göhring


Over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the communications industry. Investor, business angel and cofounder of ventures in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich and Vienna.

  • LinkedIn

Sybille Jones

Managing Director

Over 20 years experience in digital business and design. Building Brands and companies in Europe and Asia Pacific. Founder and entrepreneur with focus on product development.

  • LinkedIn

Ava Gordley-Smith

Country Manager USA

Over ten years of experience in entrepreneurial storytelling and strategy. An international and multidisciplinary passion for a sustainable future through innovation.

  • LinkedIn

Alice Born

Venture Architect

More than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the communications industry with a focus on sales-oriented marketing & events. Organizational genius in the back office.

Our team values

Our team has an impressive track record in the automotive industry and related fields. The expertise covers automotive engineering through to electric mobility and software development for modern vehicles. This versatility enables the team to meet the challenges of the continually evolving mobility landscape with confidence.

The Next Mobility Labs team has genuine passion in developing new technologies, optimising products and creating sustainable mobility solutions. This drives us to take on and to overcome demanding challenges. We work together as a cohesive unit of like-minded experts who want to create positive change.

Our Advisors

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Dirk Wollschläger

Dirk has over 20 years of professional experience in the Automotive and Aerospace & Defence Industry including as General Manager for IBM’s Global Automotive Industry

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  • LinkedIn

Christian Potthoff-Sewing

30+ years experience in the automotive supplier industry. CEO of the Poppe + Potthoff GmbH, a tier 1 automotive supplier, initiator of the company's innovation think tank

  • LinkedIn

Bram Schot

30+ years in the automotive industry,
as Audi CEO, board member of Volkswagen AG and Manager at Mercedes-Benz. Now a member of Shell's board of directors and Signifiy's Supervisory Board

  • LinkedIn

Felix Paul Wagner

10+ years in digital business. Founded an Australian-Chinese solar tech startup (with 25 employees and USD 50m annual turnover)

  • LinkedIn

Lisa Bennewitz

Former Large Cap Investment banker and CFO, Tech Investor, Board Member, Independent Transaction and Strategy Advisor


  • LinkedIn

Klaus Entenmann

30+ years with Daimler in Germany and the US, led as CEO of Daimler Financial Services AG in the transformation from auto financing and leasing to an integrated financial and mobility services provider

  • LinkedIn

Nina Schubert

Managing director at mediaman and partner at Next Mobility Labs with more than 20 years experience in digital product development and client services

  • LinkedIn

Thomas Andrae

25+ years of industry and entrepreneurial expertise. Founder of Linden Capital, Board Member Co-Pace, Supervisory Board Member umlaut AG and Merantix AG, Advisory Board Member Signal Iduna Insurance 

  • LinkedIn

Peter Mertens

35+ years in the automotive industry, e.g., as Member of the Management Board at Audi, as CTO at Volvo Car Corporation, and as an Executive for General Motors

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