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Let's speed up change



We offer an outstanding network of mobility partners to accelerate your business

Why you should start with Next Mobility Labs

We listen to entrepreneurs and guide them on their individual growth track.

As a Venture Studio, we actively seek co-founders for existing start-ups, but we also cultivate multiple in-house start-ups. In doing so, we are on the lookout for driven entrepreneurs who are eager to grow alongside these new ventures.

What phase are you in now?


Moving ideas

You have a strong business  idea for the future of mobility and you are ready to change the world.


Get into gear

Business plan and prototype is ready. Proof of concept is in place and you now need to build up the right team with know how and expertise.


Stepping forward

Product is launched, early adopters are happy and you are building revenue? It´s time to work on sales and speed.

If you see a match, then let's connect:

How we support our entrepreneurs

At Next Mobility Labs we look for solutions to fill the gaps and optimise your operations so that you can focus on product, speed and growth. Our team of experts, advisors and investors open doors. 

Structure & Organisation

Being organised is the foundation for speed and scalability.

Human Resources

Finding the ideal staff enhances the chemical reaction for loyal partners in your venture.

Legal Consulting

Making sure to stay in the venture game when more investors come on board.


Supporting your publicity needs so that everyone knows just how great your venture truly is.

Distribution & Growth

Building a reliable and a sustainable network to reach your goal.


Accelerating in a tomorrow´s business forms a personality. Leaders are made and not born.

Fundraising & Finance

Providing the right economic environment will help to build financial resilience in new markets.

Felix Wagner, Co-Founder Circunomics

If you are looking for more than a traditional financier, but rather an entrepreneurial partner, Next Mobility is the right partner for you. A partner who can provide sustainable added value in all phases of the start-up and business development process. You get open and honest feedback at eye level.

Our start-ups


The EV charging ecosystem powered by open-source


European champion for maximizing efficiency in the circular battery economy


Is the one-stop-shop for sustainable mobility and accelerates transfomation for SME's


Enables sustainably profitable charging services

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