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Hamburg/Mainz, June 11, 2024

Merger: Getyourdrive boosts mobility platform with SaaS provider Airive

Getyourdrive GmbH from Hamburg is merging with SaaS provider Airive GmbH. The core functionality of the Airive software, in particular fleet analysis and CO2 emissions reduction, will become part of the Getyourdrive solution. This integration strengthens the platform's services to drive cost-efficient, climate-neutral mobility.

Getyourdrive enables small and medium-sized companies to completely manage and optimise their mobility through the easy-to-use platform. The focal points include fleet management, employee benefits and electromobility.

Konstantin Klein, CEO of Getyourdrive says, "Companies need to act and operate sustainably as well when it comes to mobility however many SMEs simply lack the resources to do this. With our intuitive software and flexible mobility offerings, we can support companies even better in their transformation."


All-in-one platform for corporate mobility with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises

As part of the merger, venture studio Next Mobility Labs GmbH have become a shareholder of Getyourdrive GmbH. Sybille Jones, Managing Director of Next Mobility Labs, says: "We are seeing great opportunities in Europe for the transformation to sustainable mobility using scalable SaaS platforms. The merger with Airive allows us to provide a new, cost-effective tool for fleet management for SMEs. This solidifies Getyourdrive in the marketplace as an easy-to-use solution to drive cost savings.

(1) Image at top: In the center: Founder and Managing Director of Getyourdrive, Konstantin Klein, next to Airive Managing Director Stefan von den Driesch. Outside: the two managing directors of Getyourdrive's new partner Next Mobility Labs, Armin Bieser and Sybille Jones.

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